A Little Bit About Myself

Here's a short history of the guy your visiting...Born in 1951 in the Atlantic City Hospital(March 1st)...early in the A.M....so I've been told,to Sarah Elizabeth(nee:Smallwood)Davis,and James L.(J.L.)Davis.

My Mother was born in the late 1920's in the small town of Port Republic,N.J.Born right in the house she was.This was in a town of less than 300 people.Everybody knew each other back in those days,and even if you weren't the best of friends with one another,everybody pitched in and helped each other out,and watched out for each other.Nobody locked there doors.Wasn't any need to.Well,my Mother moved around when she was young.Only because back during the depression,people were hard pressed for work.But not my Grandfather.He worked as a heavy equipment mechanic for a large construction company.So there was always work.As long as you didn't mind travelling.

Well,Sarah,along with her older brother,William and her parents(Somers and Mary Smallwood),headed South to the glorious state of North Carolina,to a town called Fayetteville.There my Grandfather had a construction job.And even though it was the depression,my family was lucky enough to always have a roof over their heads and plenty enough to eat.My Grandfather was always a good provider,and his family never went without.

Earlier in his life,my Grandfather,Somers Smallwood,was in the U.S.Army.Following in his father's footsteps who was a soldier in the Grand Army Of The Republic, Yankee,during the Civil War.
But my Grandfather served during what was called the Big War also known as WWI.He was one of the unfortunate young soldiers that fell victim to the terrible Flu Epidemic,that swept our nation and wiped out hundreds if not thousands of people.He had contracted the disease and was hospitalized stateside...and for a good deal of the time was on death's doorstep.As I later found out,the day he was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health,the Armistace was signed.Talk about being lucky! He never did have to face the trials of Combat,nor did he have to endure the suffering of being gassed,and watch his buddies getting maimed and killed.But he did see quite a few fellow soldiers die of the influenza virus,which was by no means an easy thing to live through.He was a strong,and tough man with a very friendly and likeable personality,from the old school. I always had a good deal of respect for him.I never heard a man speak badly about him,and many looked up to him.

Well,after the depression,and the job in South Carolina was completed,my Grandad brought his family back up North to Port Republic.My Uncle Bill,and my Mom continued through school in Atlantic County,and both graduated from Egg Harbor High School,which is no longer a high school.This was not Egg Harbor Township H.S.,but Egg Harbor City.My mother,still being a teenager and recent High School graduate,got a job working in a rehabilitation Hospital in Longport,NJ,called Betty Bacharach.Here kids with polio and various other birth defects were placed by their families for care they could never expect to receive at home.For our area,this was the best hospital of its kind,back in those days.And to this day is one of the most respected Rehabilitaion Facilities anywhere.