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Well,here you are at the very beginning of my homepages...

Let's call it page one for lack of anything better,and to help you stay oriented without a map or compass.My site is a combination of things,as you will soon see.I wanted to make a place where family,friends and veterans could all come,and find a few things of interest...and maybe rekindle some old friendships,as well as make some new ones.

I've put together what I think are some neat links and some other cool stuff for you to check out.

Some of these take you to other people's pages that are much more polished & refined than mine are.So,I'm sure you'll find them interesting.
In most cases,I just saw 'em,liked 'em,& linked up to them.If you find something in here,that's yours,or copyrighted and you would prefer I unhook myself from your site,just email me and you're history,with my solemn apologies of course!

Now if any of the links don't take you to where they're supposed to and are dead,please email me and let me know.Okay?

So now,take your shoes off,kick back...and relax,and browse around in here till your heart's content.Please come back,again.

Mi Casa es Su Casa!

Well,now that you're here...let's have some fun,eh...

Here's A Link To Dr.Draac himself,who I'd like to give credit to for giving me the tools to be able to put something like this together! I HIGHLY Recommend checking him out if you're interested in learning how to make a webpage or just need to brush-up or get started learning HTML.He's "The MAN"!!! 



A South Jersey Barn-Rat

Click for Mays Landing, New Jersey Forecast

***MY NEWS***

HELLO once again, from your friendly neighborhood BARNRAT!!
Sorry its been so long since I've been in here, but things've been mighty busy on the Home Front.
The TOP UPDATE,is...I got MARRIED!! Yep, in March of 2003 I tied the knot with my sweetheart,Ellen.
Ellen & I met via the INTERNET.
A couple years back,I'd posted a message on a site called:American Singles and said that I was interested in corresponding with a nice gal from somewhere in Southeast Asia. In layman's terms...I was looking for a Penpal.And and,YES I DID mentioned I was an old fat half-bald divorced dude from New Jersey.
Well one day while checking my email,I found a letter in there from a lady named Ellen.She sounded so nice,that I immediately wrote her back.And the rest,you might say...is history.
Ellen is from the PHILIPPINES! Which is..in case you didn't know...NOT very close to South JERSEY!!
For about a year and a half,we continued to write back-n-forth.Emails...Snailmails...and Phonecalls.Finally I decided it was time...I knew I had to go meet her.I'll tell you more about it...on the following page.... Click Here For More Of Our Story.


BUCKWHITE'S PLACE If you don't look at one other thing on this page...please don't miss checking out this site.This Website was created by my buddy and former squad leader in Vietnam,Buckwhite.It is dedicated to helping all the guys who served in our outfit...and to offer them a way to get back in touch with each other.
Our unit was Charlie Company,1st of the 506th,101st Airborne Division (Airmobile).
All vets from any branch of the military,who served any time,any war,or during peace-time are always welcome.
But most especially...those veterans who served across the pond.And those of us who were called THE CURRAHEES

Recollections Of My Time In The 'Nam:Anybody who has ever tried to recall a time in their past,and compare what they remember to what their friends or companions remember about those same incidents,will probably notice something peculiar.People will not always be able to recall the same exact things.This is because we are all different people.And certain things affect different people different ways.
There are incidents that stand out in my mind,which to you...may have seemed insignificant at the time...and you may not recall them at all..While at the same time,I may forget things that you might remember.
When we all put our collective memories together,maybe our time over there might make some kind of sense.
Time makes my memories hazy...sometimes like a dream.Other times like a nightmare.These memories are mine...for better or worse.They are inside my head and here they are...some of them...

WPUR CAT COUNTRY 107.3 FM:Here's my featured favorite local radio station of the moment...If you ride with me,you'll be listening to Country.

THE PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY:Here's our local newspaper.Take a look & see what's goin' on today in my part of the world.

STUFF I'M SELLING AT eBay: My name on eBay is currahee101

101ST AIRBORNE DIVISION ASSOCIATION:If you served with The Screaming Eagles this site is for YOU!

Currahee Home Page:My Alma Mater: 101st Airborne,506th Infantry Regiment Association.

The VFW: If you're a Vet & aren't a member,why?

Viet Nam Veterans of America: ...For those of us who were there,this is a group of brothers and sisters who share many things in common..

Cowboy Hall Of Fame: This site is Dedicated to my Oldest Son,ProKowboy...Big Jim,this one's for you...

HERE's MY SONS:Nobody's Homepage can be complete without a Bragging Page..

Jim Gusto's Next Page :Here's another Page,if you're in the mood to browse around for some off-the-wall stuff...

HAVE YOU VISITED THE DENTIST LATELY??:I think you might getta kick outta this'n...

Have Your Picture Taken Right Now Online>/U>: ...Say,CHEESE...

My"JUNK & TREASURES Page: Another Page put together by Yours Truly...The 1st page I ever tried to make.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my homepage.These pages were last modified/updated on Sept.18th,2003.
This is the guy who put this together....yep..ME

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